Tag: Project: Simple

The “Simple” photography project centers around the most basic things I and my family use on a daily basis that we may take for granted. This is a weekly photography project.

Personal Photography Project: Broadcasting

Hey there! This week’s subject is broadcasting. In my spare time, I stream on Twitch. Mostly it’s playing video games, but from time to time, I do stream photo editing. I use fairly inexpensive equipment, though I am eyeballing some gear for the future….

Personal Photography Project: Furry Family

Hey there! This week’s subject in my project is Bowser. He is our elder dog, a beagle mix who looks like an older version of Snoopy. We found him in 2009 at a shelter in New York; my husband had always wanted a beagle,…

Personal Photography Project: Autumn

Hey you! I’m starting a personal photography project titled “Simple”. This will be a weekly project (backdated a bit, since originally I was only going to do this on social media, but I’d like to keep track of the project here on the website…