A view of Mount Rainier at sunrise on the last day of summer, 2016 from Eatonville, Washington

September Wellness Review – Week 3

Hey guys! Happy Fall and welcome to week 3 of my September Wellness Review!

So I missed doing last week’s, I’m still building the habit back up, so I apologize for that, so I’ll elaborate on what happened last week as well. Firstly, my son got sick – again. It’s amazing to me how sick everyone in this house has been since he went back to school. I don’t remember being sick as much as a kid, but maybe it’s just something I don’t remember.

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A view of Devils Tower in Wyoming

Mid-Week Check In #4

Hey friends,

I am midway into the final week of the 28 day jumpstart. Of course after it’s over, I’ll continue to work towards improving my strength, losing weight, watching my intake, and just changing my lifestyle towards the better. That will obviously be a lifetime commitment, not a 28 day thing.

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