LD Minimal Planner

Time management and productivity has become an important aspect of my life in my 30s. Being able to get things done and using my time more wisely keeps me sane.

I use a few planners for a variety of purposes such as personal planning, content planning, meal-planning and budgeting. Here’s a list of everything I am currently using.

♥ 2019-2020 Personal Planner (personal weekly planning)
♥ Daily Petite Planner (personal daily planning)
♥ Petite Wellness Log (fitness logging)
♥ Petite Meal Planner (meal planning and grocery lists)
♥ Deluxe Monthly Planner (one for budget, one for content)
Petite Goal Setting Journal (setting and tracking goals)
Petite Checklist Journal (for daily to-dos)

My usual planner decoration is Zebra mildliners and a couple minimal stickers, but sometimes I’ll use kits and other fun stuff for special occasions and holidays!

♥ Papermate Flairs
♥ Papermate InkJoy Gel
♥ Zebra Mildliners
♥ Minimal Stickers
♥ Sweet Kawaii Design Stickers
♥ Planner Kate Stickers
♥ Krissyanne Designs Stickers

From time to time, I’ll likely be reviewing new planner products, so be sure to keep an eye out! ♥

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