My Wellness

Wellness CircleI’m not a fitness guru. I don’t know all the right exercises. I don’t know all the right dietary tips. What I do know is that I need to lose weight. For myself. My self-confidence. My children. And admittedly, to impress my husband. And I don’t need to lose ten pounds by summer. I need to lose almost 100. And I know what I’m signing up for is sure, a lifestyle change, but to reach my goal isn’t going to be “by summer” – it’s probably not even going to be by the end of 2018. I’m signing up for long term work. So where do you start?

Well I’m starting with baby steps. I’m starting by changing my activity level. I’m sedentary. So, my goal is to change my activity level to lightly active. And as I go, I’ll continue to increase. For that, I’m starting with simple walks. 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week. As time passes, I’ll increase the time, I’ll increase the times per week, I will incorporate jogging. Baby steps.

So what about food? Ugh. I love everything that is bad for me. Ugh. I LOVE chocolate. I LOVE Dr. Pepper. I LOVE spicy cheddar puffs. I “like” vegetables, but not enough to actively eat them. I like certain fruits, but I mostly just give those to the kids. They’re the ones growing, not me. I should be shrinking. I am focusing more on cooking at home. Proteins and veggies being the main stars of the dishes, carbs being on the side, if at all. More water, less soda. In fact, I’m using those little flavor packets you can shake up in a bottle of water so I can have a little bit of taste. Breakfast for me is usually a protein bar, but I’m focusing on cooking breakfast more now as well, since even after having that protein bar, I’m starving by lunch. On a day where I cook breakfast, I’m not starving by lunch.

That’s it. That’s all I’m doing. I’m adjusting my intake, I’m adjusting my activity level. Small baby steps. Nothing drastic. I’m not cutting out soda completely, or cheese puffs, or sweets, but I’m decreasing the intake, and will continue to do so. I am also using this blog as a means to hold myself accountable.

If you are in need of losing weight, or getting in shape, or just want to be a badass, feel free to add me on any of these services. We can cheer each other on! Also, look out for monthly posts as to my wellness progress, and feel free to link me to yours!




Ever Yours,


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