John Reynolds

John Reynolds

b. Mar 1827, Ireland

m. Bridget

d. 11 Dec 1908, Marshall, Clark County, Illinois

Little is currently known about John’s early life. There are two baptism records with regard to a John Reynolds born in 1827 Ireland. One lists “Benjn” Reynolds and Honora Kelly as parents and a baptism in Apr 1827. The other lists Thos. Reynolds and Mary Ann as parents with a baptism in Jun 1827. Given naming patterns, and the fact that I’ve seen the names Thomas Reynolds and Ann Whelan floating around, I’d put a bet on Thomas and Mary Ann being the parents. However, nothing is confirmed.

Great Western

What is known about his life is that he sailed on the Great Western from Liverpool, England, arriving in New York at Ellis Island in 1854, when many others were fleeing Ireland an seeking refuge in America due to the potato famine – and of course in many opinions – the lack of help from the British government.

John Reynolds Passenger List
Passenger List citing John Reynolds (middle of the bottom half)

John appeared in the 1860 census as a farmer living in Marshall, Illinois with wife Bridget. The following census records show living children Thomas, Mary Ann, Beatrice, Catherine, and Elizabeth. Other children are listed, but don’t appear on the next census, so I assume that they died.


John remained in the Clark County area until his death in 1908. He is buried at Saint Mary’s Cemetery in Marshall, Illinois.

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