Henry John Reynolds, Sr.

Henry John Reynolds, Sr.

b. 20 Jan 1889, Marshall, Clark County, Illinois

m. 17 Sep 1912, Cape Girardeau, Missouri to Mary Catherine Donnelly

d. 28 May 1965, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Henry was born in Marshall, Illinois, like his father, so it’s likely he got to know his grandfather, and I imagine that John told his grandson stories of Ireland, of sailing a steam ship across a vast ocean in search of a new life, and maybe those stories inspired him.

Houck Line
Henry may very well be in this photo of Houck employees in front of the CGN depot – photo from Semissourian

Sometime between 1898 and 1900, Thomas moved his family to Cape Girardeau, Missouri. In 1906, Henry began his career in the railroad industry, starting with shop work for the Frisco line. Henry’s father Thomas, mother Mary, and sister Mamie would return to Illinois in 1911, but Henry remained behind. He married Mary Donnelly in 1912 (they would go on to have eight sons), and in 1916, he switched to the Cape Girardeau Northern as an engineer and worked with the Houck line until it was acquired by the Missouri Pacific.

How exciting it must have been for Henry (or it could have been just another day’s work) as he piloted the first Missouri Pacific steam locomotive into Cape Girardeau. He was also at the controls of the first Missouri Pacific diesel as it arrived in Cape Girardeau not long before his retirement in 1954.

CGN R 11
C.G.N. Engine #11 – undated photo from Semissourian

He passed away in 1965 and is buried at Saint Mary’s Cemetery in Cape Girardeau. I imagine he made his grandfather proud.

Henry Reynolds Obit
Obituary for Henry John Reynolds, Sr.



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