The Reynolds Family

LD Minimal Reynolds

Reynolds Crest


The Reynolds branch has proven to be a difficult line to trace due to name commonality among other things.

One regret is a lack of oral family history. My grandparents passed away before my interest in family history, and I never spent much time with them, so I never got a chance to ask.

The furthest I have traced back so far is my great-great-great-grandfather, John Reynolds of Ireland. He left Ireland during a time when many others were seeking refuge due to the potato famine. He spent the rest of his life in Illinois as a farmer, married (date/location/bride’s maiden name currently unknown), and had several children.

Lines related to Reynolds that I am currently researching include Donnelly, Delaney, Grosvenor, Cody, Hines, and Warren.

The Reynolds Line

  1. John Reynolds
  2. Thomas F. Reynolds
  3. Henry John Reynolds, Sr.

Reynolds Stats

  • Veterans: 0
  • Immigrants: 1
  • Country of Origin: Ireland

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