The Golightly Family

LD Minimal Golightly

Golightly Crest

Golightly is an unusual surname with a couple of possible sources. One is English in origin, meaning “go swiftly”, the other Scottish in origin, but the origin of the name itself is uncertain.

The line starts with Joseph Golightly born 1781 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is said that the Golightly family is traced to the highlands of Scotland around the towns of Perth and Dundee. They migrated to London, then to America in 1683 where they would settle in Virginia. They later moved to South Carolina. The Ancestor directory lists two Golightly men that were involved in the Revolution. David Golightly (b. VA – served in SC) who was part of Dragoons and also involved in the Commissary, and William (b. SC – served in SC), said to be part of Roebuck’s regiment. More research will need to be done to figure out where these two may fit into the family tree.


Lines related to Golightly that I am currently researching include Baugh, Smith, and Lett.

The Golightly Line

  1. Joseph Golightly
  2. James Washington Golightly
  3. Isaac Sanford Golightly
  4. William Hubbard Golightly, Sr.

Golightly Stats

Veterans: 2

Wars: Civil War, WWII, Korean War