Edward Norris Blumer

Edward Norris Blumer

Edward N Blumer


b. 8 Dec 1897, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

m. 23 Dec 1917, Cape Girardeau, Missouri to Opal Lillian Best

d. 4 Jan 1980, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

I am unsure which of the men is Edward.



Edward Norris Blumer was the eldest son of Samuel Blumer and Belle Norris. His mother’s parentage is a complete mystery (one that I actively try to work on when I can, and the majority of the time, I turn up nothing). Edward did write his autobiography in 1965 according to cousin Bruce, and mentions of his mother:

“Belle’s father died before she was born and her mother died when Belle was eight years old, when she went to live with the Ryder family, who lived in the 300 block of Broadway in Cape.”

That’s all that Edward seemed to know about her.

The census records of 1900 and 1910 took place when he was a child obviously living with his parents and siblings in Cape Girardeau on Bloomfield and N. Main streets. Of course after his marriage to Opal in 1917, the 1920 census would show him now as a married man and father whose occupation was a pull over for a shoe factory, quite likely the Roberts, Johnson, and Rand Shoe Co. that was built in 1907 (which later become The International Shoe Co., and after that Florsheim Shoe Co.). He continued to work at the shoe factory until at least 1940 as that year’s census listed him as a machine operator for a shoe factory. According to his obituary, he spent 27 years working for the shoe factory.

Shoe Factory
Roberts, Johnson, and Rands Shoe Co., 1920 – photo from Semissourian

Edward and his wife Opal had four children: Dorothy, Marjorie, Ruth, and Eugene. He was active even through his older years and volunteered for churches and organizations. He passed away in 1980 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He is buried at New Lorimier Cemetery in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Edward N Blumer Obit


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