The Blumer Family

LD Minimal Blumer


The Blumer branch originated out of Switzerland, specifically Glarus. Like the Reynolds branch, I have little to no oral family history to go on, though I do have a cousin who also researches and has even visited Glarus! The name Blumer is German in origin from the word “blume”, meaning flower.

The line begins with Samuel Blumer, who came to America from Switzerland in 1852. He would go on to be a soldier for the Union Army in the Civil War. The photo is of Landvogthaus, a historic hotel in Nidfurn, Glarus, possibly built by an ancestor. Photo is from Bruce Welker.


The Blumer Line

  1. Samuel Blumer
  2. Samuel Edward Blumer
  3. Edward Norris Blumer

Blumer Stats

  • Veterans: 1
  • Wars: Civil War (Union)
  • Immigrants: 1
  • Country of Origin: Switzerland

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