William Barks

William Barrach/Barrax/Barks

Not much is currently known about William. In fact, he is the alleged father of Jacob Barks Sr, but I wanted to include him.

According to Lorena Shell Eaker’s book “German-speaking people west of the Catawba River in North Carolina, 1750-1800: And some emigres participation in the early settlement of Southeast Missouri”, William was born circa 1745 and died bef Jan 1789 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. He married Catherine Reinhardt bef 1770, alleged daughter of Jacob Reinhardt Sr.

Other information included possible residence in Frederick, Maryland at Monococy, but only listed as theory. Having done some research in Frederick, Maryland, I did not find any connection between the William Berg/Barrick (originally from Germany and lived in Frederick, Maryland), and William Barrach/Barks of North Carolina who potentially fathered Jacob Barks.

There was also said to be two other children of William Barks; Catherine, and Hunteel/Humteel/Handel. According to court records, Catherine was of proper age (over 14 years old) in 1790 and chose Peter Hartwell/Hartle as her guardian. Hunteel was also of proper age (in 1791) and chose Christian Gross as his guardian. Jacob Barks was likely already of adult age at the passing of his father, so he needed no guardian.

It was rumored that William served in the Revolutionary War, but using the DAR Ancestor search only brings up the following patriots:

William Barrick: b. NJ d. NJ – New Jersey service

William Barrick: b. 1745 d. 1805 in PN – Pennsylvania service

There is currently no proof of Revolutionary War service.

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