Jacob Barks Sr.

Jacob Barks Sr.

Barks in Cape 1803

Jacob was one of the first men to settle in the area of Cape Girardeau County, his name appearing next to his brother on the 1803 census (image on left). At this particular time in history, the area was part of the Louisiana Territory at the time of the Louisiana Purchase. The Corps of Discovery (aka the Lewis and Clark Expedition) began in 1803. Lewis and Clark visited Louis Lorimier in November of 1803, and Meriwether Lewis wrote in his diary of “Cape Jerado”, and Lorimier’s lovely daughter.

Jacob was born ca 1770 in North Carolina – the son of William Barks and Catherine Reinhardt – and married Hannah Masters – daughter of Jacob Masters and Elizabeth Clubb – sometime before 1800. The family moved to the Cape Girardeau area sometime in or before November of 1803. Their children were Isaac (ancestor of beloved comic book artist Carl Barks), Elizabeth (m. Daniel Shell), Jacob, Jr. (m. Sarah Deck), Sarah (m. Thomas Deck), Alexander (m. Fanny Masters), and Mary (possibly married William Welch). Jacob Barks is listed in a claim for confirmation of title to land in Missouri, which was passed 26 May 1824.

Jacob’s wife Hannah was the daughter of Jacob Masters and Elizabeth Clubb, daughter of Peter Clubb. The family rumor was that the Masters felt that Jacob Barks wasn’t of the appropriate status to marry their daughter. So after marriage, Jacob and Hannah left for Southeast Missouri. There is no proof that Elizabeth Clubb was Jacob’s Master’s wife, but he had a level of association with the Clubb family in North Carolina which gives the theory some strength.

Hannah’s sister Sarah Masters, b. ca 1794 in Lincoln County, North Carolina marries Handel/Hunteel Barks, the brother of Jacob Barks.

Incidentally, Jacob and Hunteel’s sister Catherine chose Peter Hartle as a guardian after their father William died. Hannah and Sarah’s sister Elizabeth married a Peter Hartle who also moved to Cape Girardeau County. Peter Hartle is also listed on the 1803 census with a total of 7 people in the family. It’s possible that Catherine was one of the members of the family.

Wills and Probate Records – 4 Oct 1827

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