Jacob Barks, Jr.

Jacob Barks, Jr.

Jacob was born in Cape Girardeau County circa 1813, one of several children of Jacob Barks, Sr. and Hannah Masters. His brother Isaac is the ancestor of beloved comic book artist Carl Barks. 18 Mar 1830, he married Sarah Deck, daughter of John and Sarah Deck. They had children Alexander, Cynthia (m. William Green Berry), Jesse Thomas (m. Mary King), Elizabeth, Jacob A., Pinkney, and Sarah Jane (m. Ransom Estes).

Jacob Barks Jr Land
U.S. General Land Office Record of purchase by Jacob Barks and his brother-in-law Thomas Deck.

Jacob appears on three census records; 1830, 1840, and 1850, with 1850 showing the names of his wife and children, confirming my ancestor Jesse Thomas Barks.

He does not appear on census records after that. Another Jacob Barks does appear in 1860, 1870, and 1880, but this is not the same Jacob Barks as there is a decade difference between the two men and their wives (both named Sarah) in age. There was another Jacob Barks (son of Isaac), who married a Sarah Shrum and their ages match those records more closely. It’s my guess that Jacob Barks, Jr. died before 1860. Currently, it’s unclear what happened to his wife Sarah.

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