Edward Newton Barks

Edward Newton Barks


Edward Barks was nicknamed “Corn Ed” because he liked to brag about his corn crop. As there was another Ed Barks in proximity, it was also used to clarify which Ed Barks you were talking about.

He was born 5 Sep 1868 in Bollinger County to Jesse T. Barks and Mary King and died at the age of 96 at home in Jackson, Missouri. He married Sarah Stephens/Stevens 4 June 1891 and together they had children Elzielon, John Burlen (m. Maggie Ramsey), Jesse Harrison (m. Pearl Devault), Beulah M. (m. Hubert Kistner), Ulis, Sarah Ethel (m. Alt Felty), Etta Mae (m. Leslie Long & W.H. McMullen), Wendell Pinkney (m. Clodine Reutzel), Basil Alveret (m. Fern Grindstaff & Addie Winchester), and Ola Mary (m. Charles Schreiner).

Edward Newton Barks Obit
Obituary for Edward Newton Barks

1910 Census listing Edward and his family, and Edward’s death certificate

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