The Barks Family

LD Minimal Barks



The Barks line is the one I’ve been able to trace back the best, though there is still a lot of work to do. The line begins with Jacob Barks, born in North Carolina, one of the first settlers in the Cape Girardeau, Missouri area. He was thought to be the son of William Barks and Catherine Reinhardt, and William was allegedly a Revolutionary War patriot. The line leads to another potential Revolutionary War patriot, as well as connects to distant relative and comic book artist Carl Barks.



Lines related to Barks that I’m currently researching include Masters, Reinhardt, Ramsey, Stevens/Stephens, King and Deck.

The Barks Line

  1. William Barrach/Barrax/Barks
  2. Jacob Barks, Sr.
  3. Jacob Barks, Jr.
  4. Jesse Thomas Barks
  5. Edward Newton Barks
  6. John Burlen Barks

Barks Stats

Veterans: 2

Wars: Civil War

Immigrants: TBD