When I was a kid, my mom would cart me along on her trips to the library to study micro-film and local genealogical histories, or to cemeteries through the Heartland, finding ancestors and photographing their tombstones.

She had a typewriter, and she used it to loyally organize all of her research, putting hundreds of sheets of paper into binders, lovingly inserted into sheet protectors.

Nowadays, she types what seems like never ending dates and names into a GEDCOM, or works on her Find a Grave contributions. She gets many suggestions or questions. I almost feel like she should be compensated for the amount of time she spends on it. 25 years ago, there was no Ancestry, no Find a Grave. When I was a kid, of course everything she did was ridiculous to me. I didn’t fully understand its importance. Not until I had my own kids. Now it’s like an adventure, putting all of this research together for them. So they will know where they come from, who their ancestors are, and can appreciate their heritage.

Of course, I have my mom to thank for getting me started. I can ask her for advice. And she gave me a fantastic head start. Naturally, my tree has broken branches and missing leaves, but it doesn’t stop me from continuing to research not only my family tree, but my husband’s as well. And I am trying to also extend that to my close friends as well! I’ll be keeping track of my research here, and will make some posts in the future about research, stories, and fun facts!

I do consider research requests. Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in having any research done!