Little B’s Story

Little B CircleIt wasn’t long after Big B was born that we started having some financial problems. LJ had lost his job, and decided to go to school full time so he could graduate sooner and hopefully find work sooner. We found out I was pregnant again. Oops!

This pregnancy was nothing like the one I had before. I had front ligament pain. I had horrible morning sickness. I developed gastritis. My skin traveled back in time to puberty, and my emotional instability was horrific.

On a Friday night the weekend before her due date, I felt a slight leak. But no labor followed. The next day, there was still no labor. So we went to the hospital to get checked. That child NICKED THE BAG. It didn’t rupture, but it had leaked amniotic fluid. It seemed I was gonna have to stay and be induced on a Saturday. Thanks, kid.

The fun didn’t stop there. I was checked in at around 1pm. Because she had nicked the bag, there was the potential for infection after 24 hours if she wasn’t delivered. They started me on pitocin. Nothing. At around 7pm, labor pain finally arrived. I was around 7cm dilated, groaning in pain into a pillow and crying, LJ looking at me with a slight hint of fear as he asked: “Are you okay?” – Really, bud?

They finally got me on epidural. The water finally broke. And she was finally born 12 stinking hours after I got checked in. I had never been so relieved to have that process over. The whole pregnancy had been a nightmare, the delivery had been no different. But I was SO happy to meet my little girl, and so was her daddy.

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