November Update

Hey y’all!

So, the last time I posted, it was the day after my wisdom teeth extraction surgery. The recovery went well, no abnormal side effects, no emergencies thankfully. I was cleared to go back to normal food (as long as I could handle it) a week after the surgery on Halloween so I was able to enjoy some candy.

That said, I haven’t done any working out since. I’m actually on the tail end of a head cold now, which is the……what…..THIRD time I’ve been sick in two months? Good Lord. But I am actually planning to head to the gym the latter half of the week when I should be back at 100%. Right now I’m still congested, so any strenuous activity would make breathing difficult, and we don’t wanna do that.

I’m trying to do better in the food department. It was easy after the surgery since I was extremely limited in what I could consume. Of course when the restrictions were lifted, it was easy to go back to having the same crap. So it’s a daily battle that I fight everyday. Some days I win, some days I lose. I’m back to writing things down, which is something I had stopped doing for awhile. As long as I can write it down, I can keep myself in check a little bit.

Anywho, I’ll update next week as to whether I was able to get to the gym, and how things went. Have a great week!

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