October Wellness Review – Week 1

Welcome to the first wellness review for October, which will also cover two weeks worth of wellness since I didn’t post last week!

If you’ll recall in the last review, I had mentioned that my family had come down with what seemed to be a pretty nasty stomach virus, and that I expected it to hit me. Well only a couple days after that it did and I was out of commission for a couple days. Last week I was better, but while I watched what I ate a bit more (for the sake of my stomach), I didn’t do any workouts.

Low and behold, this past weekend, I caught a head cold, and I’m still dealing with the mucus and congestion today. That being said, I went to the store and doubled down on some germ-x and disinfecting wipes because frankly, I’m TIRED of this.

It has been nonstop illnesses since this boy went back to school in August and I’m just fed up. I can’t say much about my own childhood and my being sick – mostly because I don’t recall being this sick all the damn time – but if I was, my mom was a damn trooper for dealing with it as a single working mother.

So, naturally, there has been no workouts the past couple weeks, food intake has been less as well given being sick. This week will probably be the same until I get through whatever this mess is. So I’ll see you next week with another update, and hopefully I can go longer than a week without a new virus entering our home via school germs.

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