September Wellness Review – Week 3

Hey guys! Happy Fall and welcome to week 3 of my September Wellness Review!

So I missed doing last week’s, I’m still building the habit back up, so I apologize for that, so I’ll elaborate on what happened last week as well. Firstly, my son got sick – again. It’s amazing to me how sick everyone in this house has been since he went back to school. I don’t remember being sick as much as a kid, but maybe it’s just something I don’t remember.

But when I say sick, I mean SICK. Poor kid threw up, and it was pretty much the first time he’s thrown up, so that’s an experience for sure. He was that way for a good couple days, not really eating, laying down and tired, etc. etc. So that was all of last week was trying to take care of him, so I didn’t get out and workout at all.

Then, this past Saturday night, my husband started throwing up. At first I thought my son’s deal was an isolated case, and that my husband’s issue was due to Mexican we had eaten that same night. Not so. Because yesterday, my daughter had HER first throwing up experience.

So, barring me and my mother, everyone in the house has thrown up over the past week, so I’m just sitting here waiting for it to be my turn. Naturally, I’m gonna avoid the gym, as whatever this mess is, it’s nasty, and I don’t want to spread it. I’ll be watching my diet obviously, but no out of house workouts. And when/if this mess hits, I’ll be out of commission.

I’ll update next week, and hopefully whatever this thing is, it doesn’t hit me at all. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it? I hope y’all have a fantastic week!

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P.S. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a lot of genealogy information to the website, specifically regarding my own family tree! Check it out!

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