The Moods of Bree

I haven’t picked up my camera in quite awhile, and with the boy in school, my only real subject is my daughter, Bree. She’s a threenager and goes from one mood to another in mere milliseconds. In fact, she was quickly becoming annoyed with me because I tried to explain that having her nose against the lens was simply “too close” to the camera to get a shot.

I’m really going to try to use my camera more often, even if it’s just getting shots of this little girl. They’ll serve for embarrassing talking points when she’s actually a teenager. And of course on the weekends, I’ll be taking some of Ben as well. They’re both getting so big, and now with Ben in school, time is flying by so fast, so I better take all the pictures I can before they’re suddenly going to college!

LD Pastel Name

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