September Wellness Review – Week 1

Trees with autumn foliage create a canopy over a small road in Maryland

Happy September!

Before I start rambling about how I fell off the wagon with regard to my wellness, I want to apologize for falling off the wagon with regard to updating you about falling off the wagon with regard to my wellness. I am so very sorry!

My last post was in July, which was a review of the Erin Condren Wellness Log (which yes, I still use, and I’m actually in my new one now!). My last wellness review post was 2 months ago. I have to say, I’m in the same spot now. I haven’t moved backward, but I haven’t moved forward.

So, here I am, holding myself accountable. I haven’t lost any weight, I’ve spent a lot of time stressed, and a lot of time binge-watching shows, playing video games, and eating/drinking things that are not beneficial to me. I’m gonna try to pull myself out of those habits, and to do so, I need to set some goals, and maybe even some ground rules.

The Goals

These are just the baby steps I want to take in order to achieve the ultimate goal for my weight loss, which is 100 pounds (no deadline). Notice where I only say weight loss. This is only one step in my entire wellness journey.

– Lose 2-3 pounds per month.

– Drink reasonable amounts of water daily.

– Workout 3 times per week.

– Less sugar/carb intake.

I will be back to posting every Monday with regard to how I’m doing with regard to my goals. I’ll be sharing photos of my wellness log layout as well in those posts for accountability, and of course, you’re welcome to follow me on my Instagram accounts – LittleDogwood is my more personal account, where I share all my planning, photos around the house, my photography, etc. and FitGirlMollyErin is where I house all of my fitness related content. ❤

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