Erin Condren Wellness Log

Hey guys!

It’s said when you want to lose weight successfully, something that can help is keeping a food diary or exercise log, etc. etc. If anything, it tells you where you’re meeting your goals, and where you might be falling short.

I use the Wellness Log from Erin Condren. It’s a petite planner that allows you to track six months of food and exercise, with monthly pages where you can have an overview of your progress and goals. Check it out!

LD Wellness Log 1
My current Wellness Log, which is almost full.
LD Wellness Log 7
My new Wellness Log, which hasn’t been written in yet.

The cover sports a quote and a design. My current log’s design does not seem to be available on the Erin Condren website, leaving the floral design of the new log to be the only one that you can get.

LD Wellness Log 4

The monthly progress pages give you an opportunity to record all your measurements, plans, and goals!

LD Wellness Log 2

You get 5 weekly spreads like this per each month. On the left you can track all your workouts, steps, sleep, water intake, and on the right you can track all your food. I’ve seen others cover up the “breakfast, lunch, etc.” and replace it with stats such as calories and fat. You can tweak it to make it something that works for you!

LD Wellness Log 3

LD Wellness Log 5

In the back, you get four note pages. I have no idea what to do with these, but I imagine there are some great ideas out there! Possibly recording any exercise-related injuries, maybe pain record-keeping, sleep journal perhaps?

LD Wellness Log 6.jpg

And like the other petite planners, you get a sticker sheet in the back, great for adding a little touch of style to your log!

You can purchase the Wellness Log here, and if you would like to save $10 on your first order from Erin Condren, follow the steps below!

  • Click this link and sign up!
  • Make sure you’re logged in to your account when you make your purchase!
  • Wait for your brand new goodies!
  • Enjoy!

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