Time To Review – Week 6

I fell off the wagon a bit this week.

I had more soda, more takeout, and less exercise. It’s bound to happen. Sometimes the constant calorie-counting, the same being mindful of every single thing you eat or drink, and just not wanting to put in the effort to go to the gym rears its ugly head, and that’s what this week was. In the past, it would be a giving up point. Now, it’s just a bump in the road point, and I’m not giving up.

I’m also going to switch up my postings. Instead of Sundays, the weekly reviews will be on Mondays and included in the post will be photos of my logbook, so I can further hold myself accountable. Weekly check ins will be posted on Thursdays instead.

So I’m gonna get back on the wagon and get back to work. Look for my wellness logbook post in the next couple days. See you Thursday!

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