Mid-Week Check In #5

A view of cruise ships docked in Skagway, Alaska

I’m a day late, but I’m here all the same, with what should be the sixth check in, but since I missed last week’s, it’s the fifth check in!

I’ve been slacking still. It’s mostly because my oldest has been sick and not going to pre-k, and my husband has been out of the house, so I have been taking care of house stuff mostly. Yesterday I spent four hours putting together my new desk, and I love it! It’s wider and longer than my previous desk, so there’s more room. There’s also a hutch that isn’t attached, so I could get rid of it if I wanted to, but I’m absolutely not going to.

I might be missing more workouts this week also since I’m starting to show symptoms of whatever my son has. I don’t want to take that mess to the gym, and I may be rescheduling our IEP appointment as well. While I’m not doing my best on the workout side of things, I am still holding pretty strong on my eating/drinking. I’m trying to stay right around the 2k calories per day, obviously I’m trying to do less than 2k.

I am going to try to get a post up about what I use for my wellness/fitness logging. I will aim to get that posted sometime this weekend, hopefully I’m not feeling too yucky at that point. We’ll see though. I’ll see you for the week’s review on Sunday!

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