Time to Review – Week 4

Hey friends!

I was once again faced with some challenges this week. Someone I knew passed away and on that particular day, I spent most of it in tears with no desire to log foods or workout. I did go to the gym 3 days out of my usual 5, but that was it.

I’m having trouble getting around today due to some pain in my left foot near the heel. Yesterday we had a storm come in, and at one point I was so concerned that I tore ass upstairs to get my kids and carried them back down and rushed them to safety. I think because of this, I maybe put too much weight on my foot. Hopefully the pain eases up and my foot gets better, as even though my 28 jump start program is finished, I’m still planning to do five gym days per week.

Food wise, outside of events this week, wasn’t too bad. Snacking is still problematic sometimes, but not at the level it used to be. Also, I checked my weight today for the first time all month, and my weight has dropped. Progress!

So, I will of course update for my midweek check in on Wednesday, and look forward to making even more progress as we continue along! Also, sometime in the next week or two, I’ll be making a post about some of the items I use for my wellness logging and meal planning! Stay tuned!

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