Time To Review – Week 3

Hey friends!

I apologize for being late with this post. It was supposed to be posted on Sunday, but I got caught up in a bunch of stuff. So sorry!

The week started out good, but it started falling apart on Wednesday. I woke up that day with a sore throat and a lot of drainage, and that continued into Friday. So from Wednesday through Saturday, I didn’t work out. I still continued watching what I ate, but there were a couple nights where I fell off. My water intake has also decreased, so I need to really work on that as well.

Recording all of my calorie intake really helps me realize just how much worse I was doing. I was probably taking in between 2000-3000 calories a day before I got on this program. Granted, this started really going downhill when I stopped smoking a year and a half ago, which I’ve heard happens quite a bit. People stop smoking and they eat more. Happened to me. But I’ve gotten a grip, and for the most of this month, I’ve stayed UNDER 2000 calories. I’ve gone past it a couple times with take out nights, which is fine. At least it’s not a daily thing anymore, which is what it was. I would be very surprised if I haven’t lost some sort of weight when I weigh in next Monday.

So this coming week is the last week of the 28 day program. I’ll be back into my workouts and watching my intake, I’ll check in on Wednesday, and on Sunday I will be doing weigh and tape and we’ll see what differences there are, if any!

See you Wednesday!

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