Time to Review – Week 2

Hey friends!

Alright, this week presented some challenges. As you read in my mid-week check in, I was already struggling with snacking. There’s still no loss of motivation for working out, which I’m thankful for. If I lost motivation for eating right AND working out, I’d be so disappointed.

But I did what I could to keep things on track, then this weekend hit. Of course, today is Mothers Day, my mother’s birthday also falls around Mothers Day. So yesterday she and I went out to eat and did some thrift store shopping, so I missed yesterday’s workout. My poor husband has been craving pizza, so I told him to go ahead and order it for dinner yesterday. So I 100% BLEW my diet yesterday. I also blew it today by having pizza for leftover dinner tonight. And of course, my husband took me out for lunch today, and I requested sushi. Ugh. Sushi. I love it so much.

Anyway, I blew it this weekend as far as dieting. I’m not going to beat myself up. It’s a holiday, it’s my mom’s birthday, and I feel if you’re going to break your diet, it should be days like that, when you’re meant to get out and enjoy yourself. As long as I’m not doing that crap every single meal of every single day, then I’m good. So tomorrow I go right back and get back to healthy meals, to working out. And I’m proud of my workouts. My 5K on the elliptical this week was fantastic. I pulled off the 3.1 miles in an even faster time. My speed, my pace, my distance is constantly improving and I couldn’t be happier to have that result. Well if I dropped 10 pounds this month I could be happier, but as far as strength, I’m getting stronger, I can feel that already. I’m getting less winded in some areas. That’s something I should be proud of, and something I should continue to improve.

So tomorrow I’m doing my two week stats. Basically I’m gonna test my push ups, crunches and burpees. Day 0 of my program, I was at 8 pushups, 5 crunches, and 1 burpee – good GOD burpees are awful. The program says you can do your stats every week, I’ve elected for every two weeks. I think that’s a better gauge for me than every 1 week. I’m only checking weight and tape on a monthly basis. I’ll have all my stats listed over on the sidebar for reference! See you on Wednesday for the check-in!

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