Time to Review – Week 1

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Hey friends! ♥

So every Sunday I’ll be posting about how I did during the week as far as nutrition and exercise. Sunday is my rest day essentially. Not going to the gym, not counting my steps, although I will continue to watch my intake. So, let’s begin!

Week 1

Overall, I’m impressed with the week. In all my tracked areas, I did well. I also didn’t really fall into a lack of motivation. I know it eventually will happen, and I’ll have days where I just don’t wanna, but this week, that didn’t exist.


Each day I have a circuit to complete for strength-training/toning purposes. For example, Monday is arms, Tuesday is booty, Wednesday is abs, Friday is booty + core, and Saturday is arms + core. So what I do is do my circuit, then head to the gym for 2 miles of cardio every day except for Wednesday. I don’t do cardio on Wednesday, because on Thursday I do a 5K on the elliptical, so I’m having a little rest the day before. Then on Sunday, it’s a stroll and stretch.

What I’m so happy about is I’ve already noticed an improvement in cardio, as you’ll see in the pictures below!

As you can see, I’ve improved in pace and speed in a matter of five days. So I’m extremely happy with that, and hope to continue to improve in that area!


I honestly thought that this week was gonna be more of a struggle, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t really a struggle at all. I drink the majority of my calories typically. Dr. Pepper is a huge vice, and just something that I have always had a hard time letting go of. I’m not generally happy unless I’ve had one a day at least. How many did I have this week? One. That’s it. Just one. On Thursday, when I do my 5K, I allow myself a sandwich from Subway. I allow myself to have that soda as well because I know I’m gonna be burning it off. As far as food, towards the end of the week, things did get a little hectic. I didn’t feel like cooking on Friday, so we ordered out, but I kept my self-control and didn’t go “I can just have whatever, I’ve earned it” because I’m done that before, and it always spirals downhill for me. And then yesterday, I missed lunch (hectic running around again), and did pick up take out on the way home for dinner, but again, I didn’t let myself just do whatever and kill my calories and such for the day. So as far as food and self-control, which is a problem area, I did very well!


Lifestyle changes can cause stress. Taking away something like soda can cause irritability and sugar detox and all of that. But I had a pretty good positive week. I’m just tired honestly. It’s a lot of work to keep yourself in line, do these daily workouts, etc. But I still had a pretty good week. I know I will have weeks where it’s not so great, and it’s not perfect, and I may not be happy with where I am. I accept that.

All in all, this first week went very well. I’m not planning on weighing or measuring myself on a weekly basis. I will keep that strictly monthly. I’m also going to do check-in posts every Wednesday, just to talk about how things are going so far during each week. So count on two posts a week with regard to my wellness journey, and feel free to follow my Instagram fitness account if you want to keep up with the day to day details!

P.S. In the fairly near future, I’ll be posting about what I use for fitness such as my wellness log, my fitbit, etc. So definitely keep an eye out for that post if you’re interested! ♥

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