Mid-Week Check In #1

Hey guys!

I want to check in around Wednesday of every week to just talk about how I’m progressing with the program, how I’m feeling. I guess just have a diary so to speak.

So how am I doing?

Pretty well actually! I started on Monday, and I’ve been doing well in calorie count, in working out, in water intake, and with the prompts I’m doing for Instagram. I’m doing really good!

So in this program, there’s like a cookbook of sorts, you can make the meals, but I haven’t been doing that. I’ve been using Google to find some good recipe websites, along with Pinterest and that’s where I get my meal ideas. I have been doing some prep for lunches mostly, and sticking with that has been the big thing. I tend to not eat breakfast, have a big lunch, and just be irresponsible with dinner. So I am following through with daily breakfast, and today’s breakfast, which was pretty healthy, kept me quite full past the time I would normally have lunch, so I was happy there. Workouts I’ve been sticking with. The program has themes for each day. Today was abs, so I did a bunch of abs exercises. I’ve been following the exercises with a couple miles on elliptical. I didn’t do the elliptical today because I’m resting up for tomorrow. I’m going to do a 5K on the elliptical every Thursday. So no big cardio the day before. All in all, I’m doing well there.

Mentally? I’m good. It’s still new, it’s still fresh. Once that wears off, I’m afraid it might turn into something less fresh, that loses its novelty, and that’s where I start having an issue. So, that’s why I’m really sticking with the prompts. I’m making sure to write down everything, and I’m trying to mentally promise myself that I am going to come back tomorrow and keep going. I think the biggest challenge for me in mental. I get stressed, the kids stress me out, life stresses me out. Hell on Monday, nothing in the realm of technology was working, and that was really stressing me out. When I get into a rut or hugely bad mood, I feel like throwing the towel in on anything that betters myself, as if to say “why the hell should I bother?” Being a woman, sometimes this happens around a special time of the month, and that’ll be happening in a couple weeks, so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. I don’t talk about it to anyone but my husband really. Obviously, any pent up anger gets directed at him, and I try to stop myself instantly and tell him “it’s just my crazy time, I’m sorry”. But other than that, I won’t talk about it. I don’t talk about bad moods on social media. And holding that in I can imagine would add to the problem. Sometimes you just gotta let it out somewhere. That may be happening here, since this is a “diary” of sorts. Just so y’all know. Fair warning. Cranky posts may happen.

Naturally, it’s bound to happen. It’s a change in lifestyle. For me, it’s a huge change in lifestyle. I’m used to being sedentary. I like playing games. I love all the food that is horrible for you. I love soda. I love chocolate. So to go from not counting anything, eating out multiple times a week, drinking soda whenever I pleased, to watching what I eat, not drinking soda, and putting myself through workouts, both core and cardio, is huge. At some point, I am going to get fed up. I am going to get overwhelmed. But part of this for me is seeing progress at the end of 28 days, and I don’t mean just before/after photos. I mean going from doing a small amount of pushups to a larger number of pushups and proving to myself that I AM doing good. I AM improving. I AM bettering myself. And if I can do that, for 28 days, then I can do that for 28 more, and 28 after that, and 28 after that, until I’ve reached my goal weight. But I need to keep my motivation. That’s the hardest part for me. I can absolutely do whatever I put my mind to, but I have a hard time fighting my mind sometimes when I’m stressed and just want to eat comfort food. Which in itself is not a bad thing, it just becomes bad when you do it over and over and over and over and OVER. Which is what I’ve done.

I held records in elementary school for push ups, for sit ups, for the mile. I played softball religiously for several years. And now? Oh hell just imagining trying to get to first base is enough to make me tired. And that’s a shame. Because I want my kids to do those things, and I want to be able to teach them that. My husband was a football/basketball person, I was baseball. So that’s gonna be up to me, but I can’t teach them if I can’t be in enough shape. So that’s what I’m aiming for. I’m not trying to gain my youth back and get into fast pitch softball against a bunch of teens. But I want to be able to guide my children into those activities.

But anyway, I ramble. So far this week, I’m doing great. I’ll do a weekly review every single week, go over every single stat, share any photos, what have you, but right now, I have to end this, because I drank a bunch of water during my workout and will constantly need to pee for about the next hour. Ha! ♥

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