Wellness Goals for May 2019

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Hey friends!

Today’s post is all about goals. I’m going to be creating a set of short term goals for May. I’d like to turn a couple of these goals into habits that I will continue to follow for the rest of my life. Let’s go!

Goals for May


I eat breakfast maybe once a week, and when I do, it’s a doughnut from a dozen that the husband picked up, or a cinnamon roll that my husband pulled out of the oven. My husband eats breakfast, my kids eat breakfast, and I have coffee. So, a goal for this month, as well as onward, is to eat breakfast daily, and not just doughnuts, not just cinnamon rolls.


I have my days where I drink maybe a couple glasses of water. Then there are stretches of days where I have zilch. Another habit I’d like to start is to have water daily. Usual goal that’s recommended is 8 glasses, which I will attempt to do, but I’d like, at minimum, to have four glasses of water per day.

FitGirls Prompts

FitGirls have put a calendar for this month’s group challenge on their Instagram. There is a prompt each day, and I’d like to participate in that, doing each day’s prompt for my Instagram. It’ll give me some fun content, and it’ll help keep me focused on my goals.


I generally operate under “it’s not how much I weigh, but how much better I feel.” That being said, for the sake of record-keeping, I’ll set a goal for monthly weight loss. Not daily, not weekly, but monthly. This month I’ll aim to lose 5 pounds.


Soda – namely Dr. Pepper – is my biggest problem. I can tell when I haven’t had it. There’s a crankiness, there’s a headache, likely from sugar detox. Eventually, I want to make soda a every once in a blue moon treat. Not something I consume daily. Not even something I consume regularly. I want it to become a very minimal part of my diet. Very. Minimal. So I’ll be working this month on weaning myself down from it, while increasing water intake.

Take Out

Once a week or once every two weeks, we go out to eat, or we order in, or we pick something up, etc. etc. My goal for this is to simply be more mindful of what I choose from the menu. I’m gonna try to not pick something hugely bad for me that I’ll love, but not something so healthy that I’ll cringe while eating it also. Something in the middle somewhere.


I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2010. I do not currently use a CPAP. Why? Because chances are, I’ll wake up at 2am half asleep, and sling the damn thing off my face. That said, I often don’t feel like I’m getting enough sleep. That said, I will work on earlier bedtimes when possible.


I have a gym membership that hasn’t been getting used. So in addition to the little calendar of home workouts that I’m gonna be doing, I’m also gonna try to get my butt to the gym for some cardio. The hardest part of this sometimes is scheduling. I try to operate around the kids’ quiet time. Usually there’s an appointment, or someone needs to go somewhere, do something, and suddenly there goes my afternoon, there goes my gym time. This first week, I’ve got nothing. I’ll also try to schedule any errands that are asked of me for Sundays, when I don’t really have a set workout to do.

Me. Me. ME.

When I became a mother, I feel like I lost part of me, the part that makes me ME. I became a wife, I became a mother, and it’s almost if I feel that I gave up the right to self-care. So I put on pounds, I prioritized myself last. My self-care has always been shoved to the back to make sure that everyone else is happy and taken care of. I’m sure I’m not alone in that. We need to prioritize ourselves a little bit more. Whether you stay at home with your family, whether you go out and work, however you parent, you are still the backbone, the support system, the framework of your family. You need self-care as much as your family needs it, because they need you. They need you happy, they need you optimal, they need you to be okay. So, I’m gonna focus more on me. I need my self-care. I need my workout. I need my rest, etc.

These are my goals for the month. You’d think that they’d seem pretty simple, right? I’ve built up so many bad habits over the years that these goals seem hard for me. It’ll be a lot of self-reminding, self-control, discipline, etc. and I hardly have a lick of that. But I’m damn sure gonna try! ♥

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