Starting Fresh

Hey, friends!

Do you know how many times I’ve tried “dieting”? Lots of times. More than I can count on fingers and toes. Too many. So when I see these new diet fads and exercise programs that have taken social media by storm, I let out this heavy sigh. If only this one would work. To be fair, it’s not the fault of the program. It’s not the fault of the fad diet. It’s not the fault of the celebs who endorse them. It’s my fault. Things don’t go perfect, so I try to wait for that next perfect moment to start all over. And so it goes, over and over, again and again.

So, I saw this thing on Instagram. FitGirls. I’m gonna try it, and damn it, I’m going to stick WITH it this time. I think a lot of us lay blame on fad diets, fad exercises, while avoiding pointing the finger at ourselves. We live in a “now, now, now” world. Instant gratification. We want results. We want them before our birthday next week, we want the bikini bod before summer officially starts in a couple months. We want to shrink down a few dress sizes before our reunion in a few months. We use these wraps, these detox products, etc. etc. – and they’re just a band-aid frankly. If we want to lose weight, we have to do more than just fix it for a day by using a wrap, or eating right until we lose the wanted pounds. We have to be willing to change our mindset as well.

I was a skinny kid. Active. Ran around all the time, and man was I fast. I had records in elementary school for running. Then you go to high school. Then you get a job. Then you become an adult. You have kids, you have all these other things to do. Some transition just fine, some of us lose ourselves to just wanting to relax, just wanting some comfort food and a good binge. Before you know it, you’re 100 pounds over and feel like it’s hopeless. You hear that after 30 it gets harder to lose weight. You just hear all of these negatives, things that make you not want to even bother. I mean why would you then? If it’s so hard? If it may not work? So we give in. Because we have “one life” right? One life, be happy, enjoy all the food.

I’m not lecturing. By all means, happiness is as much of a key to a good life as anything else. But if you find yourself – like me – getting sick of some of the downsides of being overweight or obese. Like my shirts roll up, showing my abdomen bulge. My arms are big, so in hot weather, I’m miserable in a 3/4 sleeve shirt. My boobs are bigger, bras more expensive, naturally one boob is not the same damn size as the other and is trying to escape the holster. You know? There are some damn discomforts to this, and I’m tired of it. I prefer to stay in my PJs. I avoid public. And I’m not 700 pounds. I’m not morbidly obese. I’m not at the point where I can’t walk without help or anything. But I’m damn sure getting really uncomfortable. I can run to chase my kid if need be, but that’s about it. And I tell you now, if someone tried to take off with my kid, I wouldn’t be able to keep up. THAT is one of my motivators. If something bad happened that required me to be active, I’d fail my children. It’s a scary – but very real – thought.

So, back to my point. I’m gonna start this FitGirls thing. I have a gym membership. I need a new pair of shoes, or some sort of insoles, because I get a pain in my left arch, and I think it’s a lack of support from the shoes. There are meal plans, but I’m not going to follow it religiously. Not at first. What I plan to do is follow some of the more common sense rules. Lay off the junk. Drink more water. Less processed box crap. Be more aware of smarter menu options if we go out. Etc. Just small changes to begin with. And of course, I will be exercising more, and utilizing the workout regimen that is recommended. All of this will be starting on Monday, and I’ll be updating here on the blog as I progress through it all. You’re welcome to follow along, and feel free to share your own progresses if you’re on the same journey!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram as well, as I’ll also be updating there! ♥

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