February Tribute – Samuel Blumer

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Last month, I touched on the mystery of Belle Norris, my 3rd great-grandmother who was orphaned at a young age. She went on to marry Samuel Edward Blumer, who is in fact, NOT the subject of this month’s tribute. The tribute is for his father, named Samuel Blumer.

Samuel Blumer (1832 – 1898) was born in Glarus, Switzerland, the son of Samuel Blumer (popular name) and Rachel Hild. He arrived at the Port of New Orleans on the ship Eastern Queen in October of 1852 and made his way to Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Samuel Blumer Arrival
Samuel Blumer, age 19, is listed towards the bottom of the manifest.

He is then spotted on the 1860 Census, living in Cape Girardeau as a laborer with wife Missouri Blumer and someone by the name of Columbia. I know that this isn’t Samuel’s child, but possibly Missouri’s from a previous marriage, or possibly another relative of hers.

Samuel Blumer 1860
Samuel Blumer with wife Missouri and another in the household by the name of Columbia in the 1860 census.

In August of 1862, Samuel enlists in the 29th Regiment, Company G of the Missouri Infantry during the Civil War as a Union soldier. His rank at entry is Private, and his rank at discharge in June of 1865 is Sergeant.

Samuel Blumer Record
Soldier details via National Park Service
Samuel Blumer Veteran
Samuel Blumer on the 1890 Veteran’s schedule

He is found in the 1870 and 1880 census records, still married, still with son Edward. It seems that Edward was the only child of record for Samuel and Missouri.


Samuel Blumer passed away in 1898, less than a year after his grandson Edward Norris Blumer was born. His service and life are not forgotten.


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