February Plans | 2019

I meant to make a post for January’s plans, but I had already written in everything and stuff was messy, and there was info I didn’t want slapping around the internet all willy-nilly! Apologies for that first and foremost!

I hope that these monthly planning posts will be informative and inspirational. I use a few planners, but these posts will focus on two of them; my personal planner and my financial planner. So, welcome to February

Personal Planner

Let’s focus on two areas of my personal planner. The note page and the monthly view.

February 2019 Monthly Planning Note Page

On this single note page I write down some monthly to-dos and goals in checklist form. I can then schedule certain things (like doing taxes) in the monthly view section. The note page here is like a brain dump, only organized! There are four sections; Home, Family, Finance, and Work.

The home section encompasses anything to do with the actual physical house, family is about special days, things with the kids, etc. Finances is about all our money of course. And then there’s what I call “work.” Anything that takes up my time outside of family/home is considered work. My photography, my streaming, my designing. All of those things are my “work”. So I schedule streams, blog posts for the month, etc. I wanna call it work, but at the same time I don’t wanna call it work. The minute it becomes “work” is the minute you start feeling like it’s an obligation. I don’t wanna feel that way about things I enjoy. So maybe I’ll start simply calling it “Life”.

February 2019 Monthly Planning

I use stickers from Sweet Kawaii Design. She has cute monthly kits that can spruce up the pages. Once I have the to-dos from the note page set, I can start writing down the applicable to-dos on the monthly pages such as an appointment for getting taxes done, or a deadline for having the garage cleaned up! Then of course, as we go to weekly planning, I can look at the monthly for what is coming up, and plan the week accordingly!

Financial Planner

We are still paying off debt. We had a rough couple of years that had us paying bills with credit cards and loans. Then we ran into some issues with our last move, which again, required the use of credit cards. We’ve been building up our savings little by little, and we are in the middle of paying debt down.

February 2019 Monthly Budget

With this planner, I use stickers to mark down due dates of bills and two days out of the month, I sit down and make sure everything is paid. The last day of each month, I make sure everything up until the mid-month paycheck is completely paid. Mid-month, I make sure everything up until the end of the month paycheck is completely paid. I budget everything out, and see what position we are in to do any debt pay downs or pay offs.

This month, I’m looking at two problematic cards with high balances. One has already been paid off, and we are gonna pay the other one off mid-month. We may even try to pay down one more card a little bit. All of this should save around 300-400 a month in credit card payments, which we can then use toward other debt payments. 2019’s goal is to be free of our smaller debts, such as credit cards and a previous debt consolidation loan. We can then start aiming for the bigger debts such as vehicles, student loans, and eventually the mortgage.

That’s it for February’s planning! Are there any other planner-related posts you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments! Are you interested in owning your own spiffy planner and saving $10 at the same time? Follow the steps below!

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  4. Enjoy!

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