Best of 2018 – A Year in Photos

2018 was a hectic year. It began with a continuation of my journey to stop smoking, which was successful. I have been smoke-free for over a year now! There were of course the usual birthdays and holidays. My husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We bought a house (with delays – involving a two week hotel stay for myself, my mother, and the kids and roadtrips from Maryland to Missouri to Tennessee to Virginia!), and Big B started preschool! It’s been crazy!

The year started off rather quiet, but it was like a downhill effect. What started as the smallest little snowball got bigger and bigger!

Big B – January

Speaking of snowballs! The first day of Spring was the big headline as we got nailed with a snowstorm that brought a few inches! The kids (and Moxxi) got to frolic in it for a few days!

Easter – 2018
A photograph of a steam train from the Walkersville Railroad, Walkersville, Maryland, taken by Molly Stark - ©2018 Little Dogwood Photography
My Mother’s Day gift to me – Steam Train excursion photography trip!

A photograph of 4th of July fireworks at Baker Park in Frederick, Maryland - taken July 4th 2018 by Molly Stark - ©2018 Little Dogwood Photography
4th of July Fireworks in Frederick, Maryland

In the summer, we prepped for the new house (which wasn’t ready – but our rental lease was up and we couldn’t extend it) and myself, my mother, and the kids, drove to Missouri (my homestate) to hang out while the new house was finished. It would be a two week stay in a hotel. But I got some great shots of home!

We moved into the new house in August, and we still are technically cleaning up from the move. Lots of empty boxes still hang around, lots of donations need to be taken in. We’ll get there! We celebrated the fall and winter holidays in the new house, and I used the new backyard (so beautiful!) as the backdrop for our fall photos.

We got a little taste of snow a week or two before Christmas, and I used it as an opportunity to get pictures of the new Christmas tree with a snowy white backdrop!

The new Christmas Tree

Now here we are, at the end of 2018. What a surprising year! I look forward to what 2019 brings, and that I can have another in-depth post like this! I don’t do “resolutions” per say, I just use one word to describe what I want out of the coming new year. 2019’s word is “Productive”. I want to really nail down my goals, I want to work hard to achieve them. I want to succeed in my endeavors. But I need to be productive, manage my time wisely, and buckle down. So that’s my goal. That’s my word. What’s yours?

Happy New Year!

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