My Hometown

Hello! I’m back!

It has been a crazy month, but we are now in our new home in Virginia. Here is a rundown of the past thirty plus days!

SEMO St Vincent
Old St. Vincent’s Church in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

We left Maryland and LJ (who stayed behind because of course, he still has to work) and drove towards Missouri, which would be our home for a couple weeks. We got there early the following morning, exhausted and cranky from the trip. I did a little bit of photography while we were there, but we mostly caught up with family and old friends, hung out, and thankfully, we found out that closing of the house had been moved up a week. So instead of closing the 24th, we closed on the 16th.

My hometown is a college town along the Mississippi River, home to Southeast Missouri State University, a prominent family of attorneys (hint: conservative radio host Rush) and is situated almost perfectly between St. Louis and Memphis. Its nickname is The City of Roses.

SEMO Barge
A barge sails south on the Mississippi near Cape Rock in Cape Girardeau, Missoui

We packed up and left Missouri a little early to drive to Tennessee, where we stayed with my cousin for a few days. Then we made the fairly easy drive to Virginia, where LJ and the new house were waiting.

SEMO Mississippi
The Mississippi River from Cape Rock in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

The past couple weeks has consisted of unloading, unpacking, putting things away, sorting through things we didn’t have any use for anymore, buying replacements for things that were lost or broken, and some new things for the house as well. And we aren’t even 100% done yet! I’m looking forward to yet another new chapter for us as a family as well as exploring our new town, as well as the surrounding area!

SEMO Academic Hall
Southeast Missouri State University’s Academic Hall in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Naturally, I’ll be sporadic in posting as I get everything finished up, but I’m really looking forward to fall (it has been insanely hot and humid here!) and getting some beautiful foliage photos! I have added a new area to the site for my family history research (aka Genealogy) as I’ll be talking about it more and more here!

Ever Yours,

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