House Update!

Hey everyone!

As promised, I’m updating about our house situation. Unfortunately, it’s not a “good” update. We had been told due to all of the rain we got in May/June that the completion date for our house would be pushed back to the first week of August. Well, this past Tuesday, we were informed that the final walkthrough for our house would be completed the last week of August. It was a complete curveball that we were not expecting.

To boot, the landlord has found someone to rent the home we are in August 1st. This means that effective on that day, we are homeless. We have gotten little to nothing from the builder about the situation, which is highly disappointing and in my opinion, completely unprofessional.

So our solution will be to pack up our entire house, rent a PODS to hold our belongings, board our dogs in a kennel and my husband will crash on a friend’s couch in the D.C. area while me, my mother, and my children travel to my hometown in Missouri to stay with my best friend until the new house is ready. Naturally, due to all of this, I will be fairly absent from the blog. I will be bringing my computer as well as my camera with me for the trip, so I hope to update on the blog with pictures when I can, but there are no guarantees.

This certainly wasn’t the most ideal way to begin the new chapter in our lives. But we have managed to spin something positive out of this. I’ll be able to see my best friend again, our kids will get to play together, and eventually, we will make it into our new home and we can look back on this situation and have a giggle.

So, as of right now, August 24th is the magic date for us to get the keys to our home. This date could change. We got three inches of rain yesterday alone, looking at more today. I have no idea if this is gonna set back the house even more. On the other hand, the builder could miraculously finish the house sooner. We will begin packing the house this week and getting everything ready for the trip. The best way to receive updates outside of this blog will be via my instagram (mollyestark). I will be documenting our progress and our trip there. Thank you for all of the support you have shown me, I really appreciate it, and I look forward to getting back to normal in August!

Ever Yours,

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