June Finance Review – Hello July!

July 2018 page of Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner


First off, I need to apologize for lack of content for the past month. I have been working on another project, fairly big, but not photography related, and that admittedly has been taking up most of my time. Sometimes I find it difficult to maintain a proper balance, and tend to get lost in something.

June has been quiet, but not without its stresses. Our senior dog Bowser needed his annual exam and shots, and that cost us dearly in funds. We had to deplete almost all of our savings to pay the deposit for the floors for the new house. We will get that deposit back, but only when we get our escrow and all of that back, so that’ll be whenever the house closes. We are paying an extra hundred per month in rent, because our lease was up the beginning of June, but the landlord generously allowed us to do another couple months until the house can be finished. Our finances are TIGHT. To boot, the amount of rain in the short amount of time that we got in June, pushed back finishing the house until the first week of August it seems.

This actually gives me some ideas for blog posts. One of which will be related to groceries. We have a family of four and two dogs, and I manage to spend only 400 per month on groceries. Yes. You read that right. 100 per week. How? I’ll probably be talking about that this month. I will just need to plan out the post.

So, things are getting tighter and tighter to say the least. We have to be extra careful with the budget, the savings is near empty, but we have two things occurring in the next month. The house will close, and with it, we will get some of the escrow back. And my husband’s quarterly bonus. We will be using what we can to erase some more debt. I’m hoping to really throw it at his biggest credit card, as it’s the highest credit card payment right now. Anything to reduce a monthly payment or even erase it would be fantastic.

Given everything going on, July is probably going to be just as quiet. Here’s hoping to a less stressful month!

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