May Adventure – Walkersville Southern Railroad

A photograph of a steam train from the Walkersville Railroad, Walkersville, Maryland, taken by Molly Stark - ©2018 Little Dogwood Photography

I got to go for a ride on a steam train yesterday! I have only been on a scenic train ride one other time, as a kid when I rode with my family to see a Civil War reenactment. Yesterday’s ride was on a coal-fed steam train for a photography event. A two hour train ride and a couple of stops for us to get out, ready our cameras, and get some shots of the train. The scenery was lovely!


We started by heading south with one stop for us to get out and take photos of the train as it crossed the Monocacy River. We progressed south a little ways more before coming to a stop, then backing up all the way back to the station.


Getting back to the station, they serviced the engine, and then we headed north. Our second stop gave us the opportunity to take photos of the train as it chugged along the tracks next to an empty field and a nice line of trees.


We went a little further north before coming to a stop and rode back south towards the station, with one final stop for shooting, which was a nice little clearing.


The trip was two and half hours full of friendly conversation, great information, a peek inside history, and some great photography. I had a great time, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to take these photos!

I am looking forward to going on monthly photography adventures!

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