April Finance Review – Hello May!

Happy May!

April was a WHIRLWIND! April is probably our busiest month out of the year because not only is our anniversary in April, both of our children were born in April as well. There are parties, presents, dinners out, etc. etc. So spending can get a little heavy this month.



We got our tax return this month also, which allowed us pay off yet another card! When trying to decide what to do with any extra money, I make a list of different choices. For example, one of the choices was to pay large amounts, but not pay off, two cards, which would bring down monthly payments, which I could only estimate. There was also options to pay off one card completely and make a big payment on another, eliminating one payment, reducing another. I take into account an estimate of what we would save per month, as that’s our goal. We decided to pay off one card entirely and it was one of our bigger ones. So we are saving around 100-115 per month now!

As expected, payments on student loans started this month as well. This will be the longest debt payoff for us, so what I’m trying to accomplish is to get rid of our existing debt, credit cards and the like.



I honestly don’t know what this month is gonna bring. I dunno if we will be paying anything off this month. We will probably be focusing the next couple months on making timely payments and getting ready to officially get the home loan. It will probably be a pretty quiet month, but as per usual, I will update!

Of course, I use my Erin Condren deluxe monthly planner for budgeting on top of my life planner for normal planning, and I have some great news! The BRAND NEW life planner releases May 3rd! This is a great opportunity to get yourself a new planner if you’ve been needing/wanting one, and if it’s your first order, you can save $10! Just follow the steps below!

  1. Head here and sign up!
  2. Check your email for your coupon code (it expires after 30 days)!
  3. Place your order, and make sure you are logged in when ordering and using your coupon!
  4. Enjoy!


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