Daffodil Letters: Big B

MB Circle

Big B,

I worry about you sometimes, bud. You’re a happy kid. You’re quiet, observant. You love your toys, your shows, visiting your gran-mama and simultaneously driving everyone in the house crazy with your now four year old antics. But you also have fear, anxiety, quirks that make people stare, and others don’t know how to handle you.

MB Circle 2I resign myself to the fact that perhaps it was somehow my fault that you aren’t completely “normal” by standards held by society. Maybe it wasn’t my fault. But regardless, I’m your mother. It is my role to love you, to guide you, to teach you and shield you. And daily, I do my absolute best to be all of these things for you. Because while I may not want you to have absolute “normalcy” in life, I want you to thrive. I don’t want you to be scared of the world around you. I want you to be able to make friends, to enjoy your experiences, to have a long and happy life, and I don’t want any sort of fear to get in the way of that.

B Circle

As of right now, not everyone will understand you, and right now, you may not understand everything you should. But please know, my sweet boy, that you have a lot of people who love you just as you are, and that will never change. And should you read this someday, mommy loves you very much. Always have, always will. Happy Birthday.




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