Daffodil Letters: LJ

Wedding CircleLJ,

I have been meaning to do this for a couple days, but you know why I wasn’t able to. Where can I possibly start with this letter? Well, you drive me nuts, as I’m sure I drive you nuts, in all ways, in all senses. We have had our fights, our shouting matches, our disagreements in all things. Neither one of us has tried to pretend that our marriage is perfect, and neither of us has tried to pretend that we are perfect people. We do acknowledge, however, that we do our best.

LJ Big B CircleI think most of that fell on us because we became parents. Suddenly we went from two people who could just do whatever, go on trips, on drives, spend a day doing absolutely nothing, get lost in our games, to two people who had these bundles of responsibility in the form of Big B and Little B, and all the stresses that came with. We were no longer just husband and wife, we had become mom and dad. Another layer and label added to who we were. They became our most important responsibility, and in that, it feels like we put each other in the backseat, not because we wanted to, but because we probably felt like we had to. Because on a list of priorities, I’m mom first, wife second, and myself third. And you might feel the same. And of course between attitudes, potty-training, and trying to persuade Big B to just eat something for dinner, everything gets lost, and by the time bedtime comes, we are both too frazzled and exhausted to be anything to anyone else but ourselves.

LJBriCircleAnd we went through so much during all this time. I have seen you at your ultimate highs and your absolute lows. We have laughed and celebrated, and we have also hurt and cried together. But, ten years. Six of it as a peaceful, quiet married couple, and four of it as crazy, hectic, stressed out couple with two children, and how I feel about you has not changed all that much. I still think of you as this extremely intelligent, funny, level-headed individual that I have been insanely lucky to call my partner. I don’t tell you how much I appreciate you for all you do as much as I should, and I will certainly try to do that more, because you deserve it. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else, and I wouldn’t trade what we have now for a damn thing in this world. And I look forward to more and more years with you, and will be by you through both good and bad. Always. I love you. Happy 10 years.


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Passionate photographer, perfectionist, planner, goofy gamer, wife to a great guy, mother to two perfectly imperfect children.

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