Petite Planners!

Erin Condren Petite Meal Planner

I have been waiting for a special delivery! It was supposed to arrive Monday, but got delivered today, and I couldn’t wait to get it open and show it to you!

So Erin Condren was having a sale, half off planners, so I picked up a deluxe monthly to use for our 2019 budget. That way I don’t have to worry about paying full price come November/December when shipping is also a pain. Yay!

Petite Planner-18

I also got two petite planners. There are a few. There’s a pregnancy one (I do not need that ever hopefully), baby tracker, gratitude journal, budget book, a wellness log, and a meal planner. I picked out the wellness log and meal planner.

Petite Planner-9

I got the meal planner because as of right now, I’m using just a standard coiled notebook. It doesn’t always fit in a purse. But this is smaller, thinner, a bit more portable. You also get some stickers!

Petite Planner-8

Petite Planner-7

It gets to the meal planning bit straight away. You have a full week of meals on one page.

Petite Planner-2

On the opposite page, a shopping list for all your groceries for that week.

Petite Planner

It also has a meal prep strategy area. I’m not sure that I will necessarily use this, but maybe?

Petite Planner-6

You also have a few pages of dinner party meal plans. I don’t do dinner parties, so I’m planning on using these pages for holiday meal plans instead. They are a section all their own in my opinion!

Petite Planner-3

The dinner party meal plans have shopping lists as well, and also, cooking schedule. Super helpful for planning out multiple dishes around one or two appliances.

Petite Planner-4

I looooove tracking prices. I budget our finances, so having an idea of item cost is necessary and absolutely helpful. Using a budgeting method, combined with meal planning, I am able to keep our grocery bill down (for a family of four, plus two dogs mind you) to around $500 a month. It helps eliminate impulse spending. You have your list, you walk in, get what you need, get out.

Petite Planner-5

You also get a few pages of recipe logs. I already know the very first recipe I’m putting in, and that’s the tomato cucumber feta salad I found on Pinterest. I’m not joking. Look. I don’t like cucumbers all that much. I dislike vinegarette dressings, and I LOVE this salad. It is so delicious!

So that’s the meal planner. A handy little go-to! The wellness planner is one I’ll be using just as much! And yes, it also comes with some stickers!

Petite Planner-11

Petite Planner-10

Petite Planner-12

Naturally, it’s going to have a couple pages at the beginning for you to set things up. Goals, weight, sizes, etc.

Petite Planner-13

Petite Planner-14

Then it gets you right into the nitty-gritty of it all. You have a page to log activities, water, steps, sleep, etc.

Petite Planner-15

Food logging happens on the opposite page!

Petite Planner-16

You also have monthly progress pages to update anything you need to. And at the back of the book is a few lined note pages!

Petite Planner-17

These planners look like they will not only tremendously help in my own goals, but they won’t be taking up such a large amount of space. Petite is the perfect word to describe these! And if you’re interested in trying one or more of these yourself, follow the steps below to save $10 on your first order with Erin Condren!

  • Head here and sign up!
  • Check your email for your coupon code (it expires after 30 days)!
  • Place your order, and make sure you are logged in when ordering and using your coupon!
  • Enjoy!

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