Daffodil Letters: Little B

LittleBCircleLittle B,

You were born at a time of fear, uncertainty, and stress. We didn’t know what direction we were heading in. We didn’t know how we were going to make ends meet. You were (and continue to be) the exact opposite of your brother. Where he is quiet, you are loud. Where he is afraid of nearly everything, you are fearless. And where he is a picky eater, you are a garbage disposal to be completely honest.

You have this beautiful personality taking shape, the kind that will not take guff from anyone. You’ll hold firm and resolute against those who would try to hurt you. A strong willed person that I hope will thrive in such a difficult world.

I look forward to seeing you continue to grow, and only hope that I can do my absolute best by you. Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea.


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Passionate photographer, perfectionist, planner, goofy gamer, wife to a great guy, mother to two perfectly imperfect children.

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