March Review

March has come and gone like a quick breeze. For me, winter seems to be the month that drags on, while spring and summer just fly. We did get a couple things accomplished during the month. We picked out the flooring for the new house, did our taxes, and we paid off yet another credit card!

Unfortunately, what is coming in April is the debt we have been looking forward to the least. Student loans. When we were having our rough couple years, we relied on those to continue to make our mortgage payments as well as just staying afloat financially. Now those payments are coming due, and they start this coming month. Yay. That being said, my goal for the near future is to make way for that debt. So far this year, we have paid off three credit cards in order to do so. We still have more. We are expecting a decent tax refund, so we will be utilizing that to either pay down multiple cards, or pay off one. Either way, I want as many of our debts paid off as possible by June or July. We are actually making some great progress, and I want to continue that. I cannot begin to describe the help that using a planner for budgeting has been. In fact, I just bought another deluxe monthly planner from Erin Condren for 2019. Why? Because they are currently on sale! If you’ve never bought or used an Erin Condren planner, this is the best time to get one and try it out for yourself! Be sure to read at the end of this post some information on how to save $10 on your very first order!

So, this is what’s on the books for this month. Our bills have changed slightly, thanks to paying off another credit card. That’s one less debt payment per month. Unfortunately, as I said, we are gaining a new monster. So, we need to hammer down and get extra frugal.


I am using my Erin Condren deluxe monthly planner for budgeting, and I’m using stickers from Sweet Kawaii Design. With the cherry blossoms blooming, I decided these stickers were appropriate!


We still have many debts that we are working on. But when I look back to this time two years ago, we are SO much better off. If we can crawl out of that, we can crawl out of this. No question.


Just for funsies, here is my normal planner, my personal one, also from Erin Condren. It’s an hourly planner, and April is probably one of the busiest months of the year for us. Our kiddos’ birthdays are this month, our anniversary is this month, and given our finances, will be a little more hectic. We had some leftover funds that we used at Toys R Us to get a couple of very fun toys for the kids for their birthdays. Hopefully they love them. I know I’ll be snapping plenty of photos of Big B’s present, and if you’re a fellow Star Wars fan, you will probably love them!

So, March was a solid month. We got plenty done. This month is going to give us an indication of our budgeting and how it’s going to change, because I imagine it will change quite a bit. Hopefully not too much, but the next review post will be interesting for sure.

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