Welcome to Little Dogwood!

In accordance with Spring, along with other things, I have changed up pretty much everything, and proudly present Little Dogwood!

The dogwood is the state tree for Missouri (where I’m from), Virginia (where I’ll be living soon), and is the state flower for North Carolina (where quite a bit of my family came to Missouri from). The dogwood has a special and personal resonance with me, so when I was thinking of things to apply to my blog and my online persona, dogwood is something that really stuck with me, and something I really wanted to use.

My little space, as always, will showcase my photography and art, as well as personal stories as well as advice surrounding the subjects of family, marriage, parenting, finance and fitness. And I hope you stay and enjoy all of the adventures I hope to share with you!

Ever Yours,

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Passionate photographer, perfectionist, planner, goofy gamer, wife to a great guy, mother to two perfectly imperfect children.

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