Best of 2017 – A Year in Photos

Mount St. Helens in Washington State - © Molly Stark

2017, depending on who you ask, was a good year, okay year, or a horrific year. It certainly was crazy to say the least. The Astros won the World Series is my takeaway. No offense, Astros fans, I just wouldn’t have called it at the beginning of 2017. I figured the Cubs would make another appearance (and I’m glad they didn’t 😉 ). For me, it’s been a whirlwind of a year.

Almost three years ago, things got hard for us starting with my husband losing his job. For the next couple years he went to school full-time, we had our second child, I took up a part-time job. We were inches from not being able to pay our mortgage. He took out student loans to help pay the bills. We maxed out almost every credit card we had. He graduated and was subsequently told by every company that he didn’t have the experience, even though he had this shiny diploma. We were panicking. Then this time last year, he started talking to a company that had a vested interest in hiring veterans. And in February, we were thrilled to learn that they wanted him. He had a job. There was one catch though. We had to move, and not only move, but move cross-country. From Washington State to Maryland. My husband started the drive alone himself as I stayed behind with the kids and my mom to oversee the movers. And I remember tearfully closing the door as I looked back at the empty house we had bought three years prior, the only home my kids had known. Then we drove, with two children, cross country. We stopped in my hometown, where I got to see my best friend and she finally got to meet my kids. We moved on to our new home in Maryland, exhausted from the trip. Then, I got to visit Washington D.C. for the first time. I got to see this BEAUTIFUL autumn that I haven’t experienced anywhere else. Our home in Washington sold and we used the proceeds to pay down some of our credit cards and paid off my husband’s car, which didn’t have a lot left, but it took away a monthly bill. And then, to top it off, we just signed a contract and made an earnest money deposit with a builder in Virginia that will be building our dream home that we will be moving into in around July or August.

The past three years have been an emotional rollercoaster. But this past year has been full of so many changes, so much excitement for new beginnings, and it’ll be ending with a brighter outlook for 2018. I couldn’t choose just one photo that is the most meaningful for this year because of how much happened. So I present to you my year in photos. I hope your 2017 was amazing, and I also hope, whether your 2017 was good or not, that your 2018 is even better.


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