First Snow!

Lifestyle photography - © Molly Stark

I love snow, except when it’s covering the roads and making commuters lose their everloving minds. But to sit at home with some hot chocolate and watch the large flakes delicately float to the ground where they will accumulate into a large white fluff covering dead grass and leaves is relaxation at its best.

For the past several years, I haven’t seen a whole lot of snow, so no watching flurries and sipping cocoa that much since like……2010. So when I heard that we were potentially getting some snow here in Maryland, I perked right up. Could it be? Would it happen? Low and behold, a storm came up here from Georgia, bringing with it large flakes of snow and right now as I type, I think there’s maybe an inch or so on the ground, and it hasn’t stopped or slowed down since this morning. Talk about a winter wonderland!

Now, I haven’t seen a lot of snow in years, so imagine my three year old and one year old. They definitely haven’t caught much in the way of snow. So when I saw the flakes starting to fall this morning, I grabbed the camera and tripod, got everyone dressed somewhat nicely, and shoved them outside for some pictures. I wanted to document the kids experiencing their first snow in a new home, and I did want to get an opportunity to get some seasonal family photos.


Here’s the kicker though. I was able to add some “magic” into one of my photos. Myself and my kids were all in perfect poses that made this particular edit possible. And I’m so happy with how it came out!

Christmas Magic
Winter Magic

Do you have any plans for family photos this year? I would love to hear about them!


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